Welcome to a new, more approachable narrative about the intolerable devastation occurring in our post-lockdown homes from toxic behavior, coercive control, domestic abuse, and domestic violence.

Caged Birds Sing Inc is launching ‘Household Harm – No Shame’ Awareness and Outreach Campaigns that combine Inspiring Artwork, Edgy Pop Music, and Innovative Technology to:

inspire, encourage, and empower those who suffer emotional, physical, and financial abuse in silence to regain their voices, and

reach a wider demographic: an untapped audience willing to take up the cause, advocate for change, and disrupt the unacceptable and deadly-silent status quo.

We call it ‘Household Harm’, an easier-to-digest term without shameful connotations, to promote more open dialogues in more public places, and cast a “we-can-do-something-about-it” light on the dark, growing, and under-exposed problems in our living spaces, too often swept under the rug.


See and Hear the first Art, Music, and Tech Campaign…

Do You Want It Bad?

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