Community Services

Caged Birds Sing, Inc. Strategic Tools, Services, and Methodology Offering

Each community organization seeking assistance will be supported in:
1. Selecting and training local staff members.
2. Soliciting civic organizations (Lions Club, United Way, Optimist Club, faith-based, grant-funding, etc.) and business sponsorships to cover the local society’s startup and ongoing financial requirements.
3. Interacting with the municipal government authorities, and law enforcement.
4. Arranging local press coverage and events while leveraging the benefit from regional/national campaigns.
5. Utilizing our effective tools and methodologies with:

Form and Manage a
Local Caged Bird Society

5.1 Useful how-to manuals for setup and
5.2 Enhanced household abuse detection methods,
5.3 Violence prevention techniques, tools, and methods,
5.4 Appropriate emergency alarm technologies for victims of Toxic Behavior, Gaslighting, and Coercive Control before more severe abuses or even Domestic Homicides occur,
5.5 Summaries of the latest statistics, meaningful scientific research, and subject matter expert articles,
5.6 Global success scenarios for increased understanding and improvement.

Request our help to Establish and Maintain a Local Caged Bird Society Support Center

The start-up methodology suggests that each local team begin with a respected, well-connected full-time director: a champion for the community cause to encourage DV victims to step forward and support their needs. As each Caged Birds Society grows, the champion’s expanded staff will likely include 1) the operations director 2) intake and day-to-day counselor(s) 3) part-time healthcare professionals to assess a victim’s physical and psychological condition and ongoing well-being 4) a law enforcement volunteer who gets involved when needed 5) a lawyer for the legal needs of each society and for victim advocacy 6) a treasurer who handles the finance and bookkeeping 7) volunteers to assist the staff, etc.

Caged Birds Sing, Inc. is dedicated to understanding and supporting victims of ‘Household Harm’, especially those entangled in Coercive Control by their intimate partners.

We provide services to help reduce the historic rise of pandemic-driven violence, by providing underequipped communities with the means and know-how to detect ‘Household Harm’ in households currently filled with anger, emotional pain, and mental anguish. Then, we can prevent it from becoming long-term psychological problems.

More details upon request: Email us at [email protected]

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