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Losing the War on Domestic Violence
Mandates a New Approach

Sep 15, 2022 – Watchung, NJ – According to the increase in hotline calls and Internet search analysis, incidents of Domestic Abuse and Violence have risen by up to 40% since the stress and isolation of Covid-19 lockdowns. In a move to address this dangerous trend that threatens public safety, Caged Birds Sing Inc. (CBSI) proposes a new, more approachable narrative, referring to these events as ‘Household Harm’ from which no one is immune and too many of us suffer in silence.

Recent In-the-News Coverage of 3 ‘Household Harm’ involved stories:

In the News: It has been a long time coming, but an unpleasant subject, too often swept under the rug, is now out in the open in three sensational news stories:

1. Gabby Petito‘s overt abuse before her brutal murder.

“I thought he was this weirdo,” Coworker Michael later recalled. “He never came across as the kind of person that would be the killing type. But he did have that tendency to be—I don’t wanna say the wrong thing and make him sound worse than he already is—he was kind of a guy who would get pissed off pretty quick.”

2. The televised Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial and Verdict.

USA Today Article Quote

“Depp sued his ex-wife over a December 2018 op-ed Heard wrote in The Washington Post describing herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Much of the testimony focused on whether Heard had been physically and sexually abused, as she claimed. Depp said he never hit Heard and that she was the abuser.”

Note: The jury agreed with Johnny Depp.

3. The abuse and attempted domestic homicide of the grandmother, which preceded
The Uvalde, Texas School Shooter’s Rampage.

The neighbor said they then saw Ramos, 18, who had been living with his grandparents for several months, jump in his grandmother’s truck and take off.
Moments later wounded Gonzales emerged from her home with blood streaming down her face and began running towards them.
‘Celia said to me: “Look at what he did to me!”‘ Gallegos told

A Sad but True Commentary:

Perhaps all three of these cases may have been prevented if the underlying Household Harm was reported and handled on a more urgent basis.

Regrettably, in each sensational, highly-publicized case, little or no attention was paid to the underlying issue of ‘Household Harm’. These shameful, lost opportunities cannot continue, and we must raise the alarm with a unified voice. Please comment everywhere these serious omissions happen. A unified voice will help.

Note: The upwards trend in Intimate Partner Abuse and Violence is called by UN Women the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ and Caged Birds Sing Incorporated (CBSI), our non-profit 501c3 charitable organization, will try to reference, augment, and support their worldwide traction for this term in each media presentation and interview, as we expand our landmark PR Campaign and socially responsible initiative…

1. Using Art, Music, and Technology as an attention-getting new paradigm CBSI will reach a wider and more diverse audience in a meaningful way, and

2. Establishing a new easier-to-discuss topic, with a more-hopeful narrative about ‘Household Harm’.

These two innovative approaches provide a change in course that, in combination, are designed to disrupt the mostly silent status quo, by sounding the alarm and helping the topic to go mainstream. As public awareness grows, meaningful discussions and actions will help stem the rising tide of misbehavior in domestic relations.

If we all get the word out, we can reduce a source of friction affecting so many of our homes in these stressful and uncertain times, before the rising tide becomes an even bigger Post-Lockdown driven tsunami wave.

Recent News and Magazine Article

Forbes Magazine published the following in a 07/21/2022 article entitled

Financial Abuse Is Domestic Violence

by Patricia Fersch, a Contributor who states: “I write about family law and leadership tips for female lawyers.” The author referenced an website statement and statistic entitled “About Financial Abuse”:

“Financial abuse is a common tactic used by abusers to gain power and control in a relationship. The forms of financial abuse may be subtle or overt but in in general, include tactics to conceal information, limit the victim’s access to assets, or reduce accessibility to the family finances. Financial abuse – along with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse – includes behaviors to intentionally manipulate, intimidate, and threaten the victim in order to entrap that person in the relationship. In some cases, financial abuse is present throughout the relationship and in other cases financial abuse becomes present when the survivor is attempting to leave or has left the relationship.

Financial abuse occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases.

The article went on to state:

Staying trapped in an abusive relationship

Financial abuse is one of the methods used by abusers to keep a survivor trapped in an abusive relationship. Survivors report that worry over their ability to provide financially for themselves and their children is one of the top reasons given for staying in or returning to an abusive partner. Many victims return to abusive relationships because they are driven by the basic necessities of life. They are not financially secure, don’t have anywhere to go, and do not want to live in a shelter.”

Also linked was a related Psychology Today blog:

This topic hits home with so many of us! Growing up, parental or guardian control of our children’s spending is a common and accepted practice that we all remember.

Continuing this practice into adulthood, among spouses and other family members is not acceptable. Courts often hear financially abused victim’s cases. So please consider taking legal action if this is happening to you.

More News and Magazine Updates to follow!

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