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Dear Patron — we are so grateful that you are looking into supporting and perhaps working with Caged Birds Sing, Inc., as we add our voices to those who fight to stem the rising tide of ‘Household Harm.’ This term is our new narrative that refers to the tangible, even epic rise in toxic behavior, coercive control, in-home abuse, and domestic violence that was amplified by the stress and duress we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. These and other forms of abusive misbehavior continue to harm so many.

Realizing the huge extent of this problem means we can no longer sweep our emerging household relationship issues under the rug. It isn’t working anymore.

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial proves this can happen even in celebrity dream homes.

The Grandmother’s domestic homicide before the Texas school attack can be viewed as a home-based situational problem that escalated because it went unreported by house members, relatives, friends, and concerned citizens in the community.

Caged Birds Sing Inc. spokespersons need to raise awareness about this prevalent problem and advocate for a new early intervention paradigm to be deployed everywhere. 

We must recognize how things are off in our afflicted homes, as the rule, not the exception.

So stepping forward with everyday stressed-out relationship problems should become a routine, self-reflection-type examination. At that moment we should all reach out for help – when things are getting stressful and ugly – before crisis intervention is needed.

Our Approach – What CBSI Can Contribute to Your Current Efforts

I. Awareness & publicity through sponsored music, art, and tech competitions and campaigns

Our initial campaign is dubbed “Do You Want it Bad?”, which is the title of a new pop-rap song, and a question the male singer-perpetrator asks over and over.

With widespread publicity, presented with passion and panache by our experienced spokespersons with glimmering presentations, our goal is that this more common problem will no longer have a shameful stigma, with a secret we are far too reluctant to admit. 

This initial campaign will be followed by music, art, and tech competitions which we intend to sponsor, to have even greater participation.

Remember technology has a positive and negative impact on society… especially affecting our social skills, domestic behaviors, acceptable views on violence, and paranoid delusions.  

In these areas, we will offer prizes and award recognition to the tech that could and should correct it.

II. Local community support and training: Caged Bird Societies

When requested, CBSI will consult with underserved communities and neighborhoods, regarding the appropriate tools and a methodology to bolster their post-lockdown ‘Household Harm’ efforts.

III. Call for standards and criteria

Lastly, we are pushing for National and Global Household Behavior Standards Committees to help coercive control, household abuse, and domestic violence organizations, institutions, providers, and volunteers offer more mature and cohesive, easily understood terms, that are currently jumbled and puzzling, along with policies, procedures, standards, and criteria under which we can all thrive, operate, and reduce liability by becoming auditable in our business practices.

With our ambitious agenda, beginning with interviews on radio, TV, press, podcasts, and social media, we ask for your generous support.

Please contact Caged Birds Sing Incorporated via the contact form or by emailing us at [email protected].

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