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Help Caged Birds Sing Incorporated
Spread the Message…  A new Narrative of Hope! Together, we can address the devastating rise in
post-lockdown ‘Household Harm’
that includes:
*Toxic Behavior, *Coercive Control,
*Domestic Abuse, *Domestic Violence, and *Intimate Partner Homicide.

With so much identified and undiscovered suffering, now is the moment to spread the word and take meaningful action. So, please help – consider joining and/or financially supporting Caged Birds Sing Incorporated. There is so much work to be done!

To fulfill our mission. we require:

  • Founding Patrons and Sponsors
  • Tax-deductible donations of all amounts
  • Volunteers to serve
  • Audiences to listen
  • Victims to assist
  • Public and private forums to openly discuss this sensitive subject
  • Community champions for CBSI to help organize local support organizations

Please help us
Spread the Word!

Please start mentioning ‘Household Harm’ in any appropriate venue, especially with friends! Also start discussions with teachers, classmates, politicians, mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, etc. Let’s get the new narrative out there to get traction for victims and prevent suffering.

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